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The Hidden Rock Farms Story

A few years ago, concerned about the safety and quality of foods in large supermarkets, we decided to start growing our own food.  It all started with a small garden and a few chickens for meat and eggs.  It didn't take long to tell the difference between the superior flavor of farm fresh natural food and the bland taste of over processed store bought food.  In addition, nothing came close to the satisfaction of knowing you grew it yourself.

We began to produce more than we could use and shared it with our family and friends.  We also sold to the public and were proud of the comments we received.

Farming is always a work in progress and we are constantly exploring new products and marketing ideas.  We specialize in niche specialty items for the discerning palette.  Check out the rest of the site to see how we have grown.

Last year we also purchased a new Border Collie, Queenie to help manage our flocks.  We are expecting another litter of puppies this fall.  They will be McNaub Border Collies which have short hair.  Please let us know if you are interested.  they go fast!

As we downsize and prepare for our big move, we would like to thank all our faithful customers to our farm.  Mahalo and Aloha. 

All Natural Grass Fed Meats

Our farm is a "pasture based" operation.  This means no matter what the animal, they are raised in open pens with access to grass.


Hidden Rock Farms

Todd & Jeanne Totman

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