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Livestock Guardian Dogs

In keeping with our natural philosophy, we use livestock guardian dogs as a predator deterrent.  These dogs have been bred and used for centuries for this purpose.  They live with the sheep all the time and look to the sheep as their pack members.  Our dogs and puppies are exposed to all kinds of livestock.  They are raised in a mixed herd of sheep, goats, cattle, swine and horses. 

Atlas, Our Male

There are many breeds of livestock guardian dogs.  Our male, Atlas, is a Maremma.  This breed comes from the mountains of the Abruzzi region of Italy.  Maremmas are aloof dogs that prefer to stay with the flock.

Minerva, Our Maremma/ Great Pyrenees female

Minerva is everything we have wanted in an LGD and more!  She is a real great dog and we are glad we had the opportunity to acquire her for our farm. 

We have downsized our flocks.  This will be Minerva's last whelping. Puppies will be $250.  We will also be offering another like minded farm the oppurtunity for her to work for you.  We are offering Minerva for sale to the right farm for $300.  Please contact us if you are interested.

 McNab Border Collies

We are now offering McNab Border Collie puppies.  These are a shorter haired breed that is exeptionally quick and interlegent.  We are expecting a litter this fall.  Puppies will be $200 each.

 A Word About Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

Maremmas are the ultimate in predator control... they stay on guard all night so you can sleep.

Unlike Great Pyrenees which patrol borders and can become sedentary, preferring to hang out in the barn or on the porch, Maremmas stay with the flock and raise a barking alarm whenever something out of the ordinary is going on in or near the pasture.  The Maremmas are a 2000 year old breed of livestock guardians from high in the Italian Alps. The have been bred to watch over sheep and goats and keep the wolves and coyotes away. Pure white double fur breed, hearty as a polar bear.  They sleep outdoors all year round and love the coldest weather. They don't even want a dog house. In the winter, they sleep in the snow, they eat snow for water. Ours can be found sleeping in the hay rings on the hay, not in the shelter.  In the summer they shed their heavy coats.